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CVYS in-house team assignments are based on having players compete in their birthdate as defined age groups, defined by PA West. Playing up is not a “right,” but is rather an exception only used under the criteria outlined below. Playing-up exceptions are made by the Central Valley Youth Soccer Club (CVYS) Board of Directors (BOD). Playing up must benefit both the child and the league. Coaches will be consulted but the CVYS BOD will be the final arbiter in playing-up requests and all decisions are final.


A play-up request is to be made formally by submit an CVYS Age Division Exception Form, below. The request should be made in conjunction with your registration form. Normally, this will be done by early August, but can also be done in between seasons (February).  All requests will be reviewed by the BOD prior to team formation.  If a age commissioner or league coach is not familiar with a player (e.g., a new player to the league), the player shall play in the lower age bracket for one session. The lower age bracket commissioner or board member will observe the player and make a recommendation to the Board.

Play-up approvals granted in the fall season remain valid for the following spring season. The CVYS BOD reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reverse a play-up approval for the following session. Play-up approvals expire after the spring session. Play-up players must reapply each fall.


The CVYS BOD will consider the following factors in determining whether to approve a “play up” request.

  1. Support by a Coach, a Commissioner and CVYS BOD member - A player needs the support of one or more of these individuals that can confirm ability.  

  2. Exceptionally Skilled Player  - Level of play significantly exceeds peer group. Particularly in the lower age brackets, when only 4 or 5 players are on a side at one time, an exceptional player may dominate play to the extent that the game is no longer competitive for the opposing team. A player who fits these criteria must dominate play in more than one phase i.e. striking and passing; defending and challenging; defending and striking, etc. Though parents or coaches may often feel that a child is dominant because the child is the best on the team, the exceptionally skilled criteria apply to the child in relation to the entire league and most other children of his or her age. Typically, a player who is approved for this reason has extensive tournament or competitive soccer experience beyond the recreational league.

  3. Physical Ability and Above Average Size - If a child is exceedingly big for his or her age group and has above average soccer skills, the Lower age bracket commissioner may recommend a play-up request – particularly if there is some risk that the physical play of the child may pose a danger to smaller “of age” players.
    Is their Skills and Size REALLY that much better than 90% of the players in their prior season of play.

Overall Benefit to the League. If there is an overall benefit to the league for moving a player up, the Board may approve it. For example, if the older division needs to fill a coaching vacancy, but the ability of a parent to take on the coaching position is contingent on his or her child moving up, the League may approve it. In unusual situations, the League may request that a grouping of players move up due to overall numbers balancing across divisions. If this is to occur, an overall approval by the Board is required.

Post Evaluation:

It is a very important responsibility of the parents and coaches to continue monitoring the player’s skill development, emotional/psychological state, and general attitude on the new team. To ensure that a play-up player has been placed appropriately, these additional guidelines will be followed.

  1. Once the session ends, a parent can make a request to play-down for the next session using the provided form.

  2.  The Play-Up commissioner and Play-down commissioner work out the details moving the player to the appropriate team.

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