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PA West Travel Dates

  • November 12 - January 8: Travel  Registration

  • December 7 - BOD Meeting - Approved the initial list of indentified Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches
    (Phillips, Kennelly, Conti, Vuckovich, Godshall, Cercone, Wolfing, Huff, & Filippelli)

  • January  8: Travel Registration Closes

  • Feb 1 - BOD Meeting - Travel Teams are approved.

  • March 1: Team declaration deadline date for Spring Session

  • March 21: Travel Team Rosters are finalized and paid.

  • After March 21st: teams are "activated" by the state office.  This means that they are locked from adding more players, and they also become "live".

  • April 10th: Start of the Season for Grass field teams, expect for TURF GAMES is April 3.

Other Items

  • No games are played on national holidays.

  • BOTH CLUBS/COACHES AGREE to play on Turf field on April 3rd.  Not all clubs will agree to do it even if there is a turf field available.  Sometimes they refuse to do it because the team has not had a practice together yet and the coach has not met all the players.  Usually this happens if we've had an especially harsh winter and the fields are still under snow or even under water.  It's happened twice in the last six years where the fields were under water because of nonstop rain.

  • Reason for stretching the window farther for turf field games is because it is almost impossible to hold games for U19 after Memorial Day Weekend.  

  • A game reschedule during the season is almost impossible for U17+ teams.  Therefore, if we can clinch some of those games on the early side, we are better for it.


Key CVYS Travel Registrar Dates

  • February  2 - 12:  Registrar enters the Travel Team Declarations into PA West.

  • Feb 12 - March 1: Travel Players entered into the system.

  • March 1: Team declaration deadline date for Spring Session

  • March 21: Travel Team Rosters are finalized and paid.

  • March 4 - March 19:  In-house Players entered into the system

  • March 19:  Finalize the team rosters and paid. It can be as late as April 3rd if in-house starts on April 9th.

by: Cristine Henderson: 12/4, 11/18

  • -- The 5v5 format that we experienced last Fall is becoming a fixture. The USSF and USYS just sanctioned it and it will become mandated policy by 2017 for all soccer orgs. You should credit your club for forming the first 5v5 team in Western PA history, and helping to form the first 5v5 league (U15) in PA West. 

  • -- I have created several leagues for 5v5 teams this season, U15+ only.  NO 5v5 LEAGUES FOR U14 AND UNDER, PER USSF CURRENT RULES.

  • You need to read about the 5v5 format. All European states credit the 5v5 for being the most effective format in developing youth soccer players and elevating them into elite levels of soccer. Brazil, Spain and Germany all claim the 5v5 format produced more international superstars in their states than any other format or training.

  • It's the smallest number of players where you still have positions. Nobody can hide. It produces something like 350% more touches to the ball per player, and causes the goalkeeper to engage in the ball more in one game than in an entire season of 11v11 games. German state DOCs told the U.S., had the USA utilized the 5v5 format sooner in their training and youth division programs, the USA would be a much bigger force to be reckoned. That said, all European states and S. America have done away with the 11v11 game in youth divisions elite and academy levels. The 5v5 format is #1. Be prepared to see the changes in the USA as they now play catch-up.

  • -- The 5v5 teams play on a soccer field about the size of U10 but larger goals may be used.  There are NO offsides.  Game is played 2x25 halves with flying subs.  All players leaving the field must be over the touchline before new players enter.  Goalkeeper may not punt the ball or kick it beyond the center line.  Penalty to do so is an indirect kick from the opposing team.  These rules are similar to Futsal which is becoming a new winter rage for many club soccer teams.

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